Joseph Goebbels Propaganda

Joseph Goebbels the Director of the Nazi Party propaganda under the Nazi Reign is considered to be the Master of Nazi propaganda. Joseph Goebbels’s use of propaganda through multiple forms of communication was effective in convincing Germans to blame Jews for their economic misfortunes after World War I to successfully incite The Kristallnacht, (“Night of Broken Glass”) and the Holocaust. Goebbels created and successfully used printed media, film and radio to deliver anti Semitism messages to the German people in support of Hitler. Goebbels was able to entirely use those tools after Hitler came into power and created laws that made it easy to establish a national media network and government influenced propaganda. Goebbels
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Goebbels supported the making of the film “The Eternal Jews” which promoted Nazi anti-semantic views. The film showed Jews living in deplorable conditions and compared them to rats that spread diseases. The Nazi made-up stories about the Jews living conditions in order to portray it as normal for the Jews and have Germans turn against them. In addition, Goebbels staged the filming of the 1936 Berlin Olympics to show the world the superiority of the Aryan race in Nazi Germany. Although Germany won the most medals in the 1936 Olympics, Jessie Owens, an African American, overshadowed Goebbels intent to show Nazi Germany Aryan supremacy to all other races. Owens dominated the games by wining gold medals four times. The film coverage of the 1936 Berlin Olympics was carefully arranged to down play German athletes defeat. By show the Americans giving Nazi Germany praises for their organization of the Olympics and their good treatment towards Jessie Owens after he defeated their best athletes. Despite Owens success, Goebbels was able to down play the actual games and focus on the success of the event. Goebbels again succeeded using multi-media as a tool to promote his propaganda against Jews. Goebbels used the Olympic platform to capture the hearts of visitors and the German people by showing great hospitality and putting on a well organized Olympic Games. The appreciation of the …show more content…
Poster art was the heart of Goebbels publicity machine as they could be seen on every street, shops, and buildings in Nazi controlled areas. The posters simply depicted Jews in metaphorical images and unimaginable horrific images of what he consider being the epitome of the German Aryan race. The Germans hid the true story of Herschel Grynszpan, an outrage Jewish teen who was living with relatives after his family smuggled him France allegedly killed Count von Welczek a German secretary to the Ambassador of France because of the treatment of his parents and other Jews in Germany were arrested on the spot and held for trial. Gobbles seized this opportunity to further promote his Nazi agenda of eliminating all Jews from Nazi controlled territories. By using the Nazi controlled media, Goebbels ordered the production of posters depicting the teen as a villain and insisted that all Jews were out to kill the Nazis. The villainous image of the teen on the posters did not reflect his real photo. The propaganda photo appeared much older and evil in appearance. After releasing the posters, Goebbels demanded swift and deliberate attack against the Jews. The poster was the last tool used to incite the German people to launch riots that led physical and the murder of Jews. The riot is known as The Kristallnacht, (“Night of Broken Glass”). After

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