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When did the Scopes Trial happen and who was it about?
John Scopes (junior high science teacher in Dayton, TN)
Why did the Scopes trial take place?
There was a law prohibiting teachings other than creationism
John Scopes taught evolutionary theory
How much was John Scopes fined?
Who represented John Scopes?
Clarence Darrow
What is the Great Crash, and what date did it occur?
A crash of the stock market
Occurred October 29, 1929
In _______ the stock market was going up because of __________ and ____________.
low interest rates for loans
margin buying
What is the real cause of the Great Crash?
Nobody knows the real cause
How many points did the stock market fall in 1929?
43 points
WHat percent of Americans owned a stock?
What was the end result of the Great Crash?
It created a psychology of depression
Americans lost confidence in the economy
What was the hero of the 1920's?
Model T
The world's first mass produced car was the _______.
Model T
The automobile was the #1___________.
consumer durable
When was production started for the Model T, and how many cars were produced?
15.5 million
What percent out of all vehicles were Model T's in the 20's?
What color were Model T's painted and why?
Black, because it dried faster; therefore cutting down on time and production costs
Significance of the Model T?
revolutionized transportation in America
horses were no longer the dominant mode of transportation
What precipitated the rise of the KKK and what year?
The movie "The Birth of a Nation", 1915
_________ wanted to get the Klan going again, but could not because of the _______________.
Black Nadir in the South
Where could the KKK be marketed, and how much did they sell memberships for?
everywhere except the South
Why did people like the KKK?
They spoke about their fears of modernization and change
They targeted the enemy
End result of the KKK?
It rises quickly, but falls just as quickly
What was the cause of the Okies?
In 1930, there was a series of drought years in the South and people could not sell their crops
Okies = ___________.
an activity of movement, people moving around just trying to find work
Where did most Okies move to and what happened there?
Central Valley of California
they were not welcomed and had to set up camps outside of the city
End result of the Okies?
There was a surplus of workers, and it allowed for suppressed wages