Grapes Of Wrath Chapter 20 Summary

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Chapter 20 (pgs 327-384) This chapter focuses back on the Joads and their first few days in California. Their extremely limited funds don’t allow a proper ceremony and burial, the family leave Grandma's body at the door of the coroner’s office. The family makes their way to Hooverville, a large camp full of gaunt eyes and hollow stomachs. Along the way they meet Floyd Knowles, he explained the rough life here and if you were thinking about just walking on in a getting work then you're delusional. he also warned the Joads about the police in this area. Tom suggests that if the conditions were such violations of human right why not revolt against the wealthy land owners and police. Connine methions to Rosharon that life may have been earlier back in Oklahoma. She reminds him that studying radios will get them a house in a fine town before the baby is born. Ma cooks the last pot of stew and is concerned about the starved children that crowded around her sweet smelling pot. The joads eat small portions that night in order to feed most of the kids. A man arrives with a shaky claim about fruit picking in a southern county but when asked about the pay and the details of the job he call a deputy to submit the crowd and Floyd. A fight escalates and involves Tom and Casy. …show more content…
the families that ad made or broke on forty acres of shared land now felt the expanse of the West. The machine had ripped them out and forever changed them. California was in panic about the multiplying and never ceasing torrent of migrants coming across the Sierra’s looking for work. Desperate men will work for little to nothing to feed their families and the wealth landowners took advantage of that. Hostility grew toward the Okies but this only assisted in their unification against the common enemy. It came to a point that even small land however were being bought out m=by massive unity tiered comparison and

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