Dust Bowl In The 1930s

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It is completely mind-blowing to realize that the Dust Bowl actually happened in the United States not too long ago! The hardships that these families endured while living there, like losing their family farms and many of their belongings, is heart-breaking. What is even sadder is that the banks and government acted like they didn’t know who was to blame for the evicting! The social and economic issues of the 1930s were very problematic and the programs of the New Deal attempted to help get farmers back on track. The Joad family was just one of many who were kicked out of their houses and family farms during the Dust Bowl in the 1930s. The severe dust storms damaged farmers’ crops so they couldn't make any money to pay for their houses, …show more content…
They kicked them off the land when they could no longer pay taxes for staying and farming on the land. The spokesmen would tell them that they had a certain amount of days to get out, if not, they would tear their house down. The owners would beg and cry, asking who to talk to about this? Who's in charge? But they couldn't even give a straight answer. “We’re sorry, said the owner men. The bank, the fifty-thousand acre owner can't be responsible. You're on land that isn't yours” (46). They paid men to drive plows to run over their houses if they weren’t out when they were supposed to be. This was terribly sad for the families, as they watched their house, their land, their life, turn to …show more content…
The economy was at a low point in history and couldn't afford to keep handing out loans to farmers during the depression. Too many people bought on credit and loans, hoping for great prosperity to come. Unfortunately this wasn't the case, and put farmers and their families into great debt with no source of income from the terrible drought of the Dust Bowl. The western and southwestern society was under the drought which kept farmers from making money. Therefore the society was very poor and in starving conditions. Farmers couldn't make enough money or food for their families, so when they were forced out of their homes, they literally left with what they had, which wasn't food or money. The depression and drought devastated the nation, as it brought many outsiders into states who were already suffering from the depression. Many people were out of jobs, so when the “Okies”, or people who came from Oklahoma, crowded California and other cities, the people who were already living there were angry. They didn't want out-of-towners taking the jobs they needed, so many people were angry and bitter towards each other. You understand this in the book when the Joad family enters various camps. People were mean to them, and wouldn't give them straight answers, except that there were no jobs and they were starving. You especially see this when they are driving towards the

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