Dust Bowl Disaster Essay

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The Dust Bowl of 1930 was the worst environmental disaster in the US history. Poor farming practices and extreme drought greatly damaged the ecosystem in the Great Plains.[1] The Dust Bowl was a man-make environmental destruction that completely transformed the landscape. Strong winds blew away an average of 480 tons of topsoil per acre, degrading soil productivity, harming health, and damaging air quality. [2] The wind removed the topsoil and the remaining dry soil was not suitable for vegetation growth. The economic crisis and unbearable dusty conditions forced families to migrate further west. The severe drought turned the land of prosperity into a lifeless desert. The environmental crisis has forever changed the relationship between the environment and the people in North America.
In May 1804, Lewis and Clark went on a mission to explore the
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The bright future was dimmed by economic depression known as the Great Depression of 1929. During this economic crisis, the stock market crashed and people lost everything own in the stock and the bank. Industrial output was low and unemployment rate was high. People knew that the US have entered a recession However, people did not know that the an environmental crisis was followed by the economic crisis.
In the 1930s, a devastating drought strike the Great Plains known as the Dust Bowl. The environmental disaster of the dust bowl is resulted from high wind erosion, low soil moisture, poor agriculture practices, and the replacement of drought resistant grasslands.[1] The dust bowl is one of the worst environmental disasters in the American history. [3]
In 1939, the rain returned and ended the greatest drought in North American history. [1] Those who survived the stress, hopelessness and starvation finally see the light. The Dust Bowl is a classic story of the collapse and resilience of the people of North

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