Donald Taton's Dust Bowl, By Donald Worsters

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The Great Depression was a long ten year struggle for America. Times were rough from the New York City streets to the Great Plains. Banks began to close on an everyday basis. In Donald Worsters book "Dust Bowl" he writes about the Great Plains and how the people have struggled through out "the dirty thirties". In Chapter 9 "Unsettled Ground" George Taton Believes that if people would have just gave up trying to plant seed in dust that mother nature would have fixed the Plains in half the time it had took. The 1930s were a hard time on America that should be remembered so our country does not make the mistake again.

"Dust Bowl" is a well written book and easy to follow, although I found it quite boring. The book itself was not awfully long
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She states "Those who left never gained by it; those that stayed gained." I find this statement no entirely true for all the people of the plains. Some people during this era could not get out of the deep debt that they was in. Does this make these people cowards to not stay in the plains? People did what they thought was best for their families well being. Helen was also asked if she thought that the Dust Bowl may come back. She responded no that we have more technology now and we simply know how to farm better. I also disagree with her reply, I think that another depression could happen someday. The weather patterns change quite frequently and drought happens about every 20 years in the plains. If this world became so over populated, farmers would need to grow more food to keep up with demand. This world is all about making a profit. If people think that a disaster like the Dust Bowl could not occur again and they just keep growing more and more a great disaster could possible occur in time.

One thing about this book that I feel did not answer completely is where did the government get the money to spend on cattle and other acts that helped get the state out of depression? Why did they wait so long to get involved ? Did the president think that the country was going to fix itself ? If the economy was in great decline how did the government have the money to help? The "Dust Bowl" is an excellent research book. This book fits in well with American history because it goes into great detail in trying to show the reader things about the Depression that some may not

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