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What is the case study for a strong population policy?

China's One Child Policy
What is the population of China?

China's population is 1.3 billion - the largest population in the world
What is the One Child Policy?

People are only allowed one child by law

Couples with one child are given financial benefits and free education

People who break the law are fined heavily and often receive harsh treatment by law enforcers

When was the One Child Policy introduced?

The One Child Policy was introduced in 1979
What are the exceptions to the policy?

Some rural farmworkers are allowed to have a second child, if the first was a girl or has a disability - to ensure a farm workforce

If one parent has a disability or both parents are only children they are allowed a second child

Was The One Child Policy effective?

The policy prevented 400 million births

The fertility rate decreased from 5.7 in 1970 to 1.8 today.

Do Chinese people support the One Child Policy?

2/3 of China desperately hate the policy

Many people have come to like it because they are better off