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What is the case study for a squatter settlement redevelopment?

Sao Paulo, Brazil
What is the problem in Sao Paulo?

The are is very populated due to a lot of rural to urban migration

The population is 2.5 million

Being the capital of Brazil it is its beating heart

It contains many large favelas due to the city's over population

What is Sao Paulo's largest squatter settlement (favela)?

Paradise City is Sao Paulo's largest favela with over 800,000 people

Infrastructure was very poor and buildings very dangerous

Paradise City was tightly controlled by a criminal group called the PPC, and businesses had to bribe them to set up in Paradise City

What was the solution?

Organisations began Aided Self Help Schemes throughout Sao Paulo's favelas

Simple homes with a bathroom, made from simple materials like breeze blocks were built

Authorities built simple roads in the favela so bus routes could be set up

Much of Paradise City now has piped water and electricity

Schools were built

What has the impact of the improvements been?

People's quality of life has improved and the area is cleaner thanks to appropriate infrastructure

The area is intergrated by bus routes to the city making it easier for people to make a living

A house market has developed housing costing between R$15,000 and R$300,000

Education means future generations have a chance of a better life

Some favelas have become lower-class urban residential districts

The criminal organisation the PCC has been driven out by economic and social improvements

Some large chain business has began to occupy Paradise City and other favelas, such as Casa Bahia, a furniture shop chain