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cultural geography
how space, place, and landscape shape culture at the same time that culture shapes space, place, and landscape
cultural landscape
a characteristic and tangible outcome of the complex interactions between a human group and a natural environment
a shared set of meanings that are lived through the material and symbolic practices of everyday life
regional variations in standard languages
a spatial dispersion of a previously homogenous group
a society created system of rules about who belongs and who does not belong to a particular group based upon actual or perceived commonality
the social differences between men and women rather than the anatomical differences that are related to sex
historical geography
the geography of the past
an Arabic term that means submission to God’s will
a means of communicating ideas or feelings by means of a conventionalized system of signs, gestures, marks, or articulate vocal sounds
Language group
a collection of several individual languages that are part of a language branch, share a common origin, and have similar grammar and vocabulary
popular culture
the practices and meaning systems produced by large groups of people whose norms and tastes are often heterogeneous and change frequently, often in response to commercial products
a problematic classification of human beings based on skin color and other physical characteristics
a belief system and set of practices that recognize the existence of a power higher than humans
a form of social identity created by groups who share a set of ideas about collective loyalty and political action
world music
the musical genre defined largely in response to the sudden increase of non-English language recordings released in the UK and US in the 1980s