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the body of practical and theoretical knowledge about making distinctive visual representations of Earth’s surface in the form of maps
form of economic and social organization characterized by the profit motive and the control of the means of production, distribution, and the exchange of goods by private ownership
the establishment and maintenance of political and legal domination by a state over a separate and alien society
the physical settlement of a new territory of people from a colonizing state
commodity chain
network of labor and production processes beginning with the extraction or production of raw materials and ending with the delivery of a finished commodity
core region
regions that dominate trade, control the most advanced technologies, and have high levels of productivity within diversified economies
division of labor
the specialization of different people, regions, or countries in particular kinds of economic activities
environmental determinism
doctrine holding that human activities are controlled by the environment
the attitude that one’s own race and culture are superior to others’
the extension of power of a nation through direct or indirect control of the economic and political life of other territories
economic and political strategies by which powerful states in core economics indirectly maintain or extend their influence over other areas of people
peripheral regions
regions with undeveloped or narrowly specialized economies with low levels of productivity
semiperipheral regions
regions that are able to exploit peripheral regions but are themselves exploited and dominated by core regions
spatial justice
the fairness of the distribution of society’s burdens and benefits, taking into account spatial variations in people’s needs and in their contribution to the production of wealth and social well-being
world system
an interdependent system of countries linked by economic and political competition