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a pirate hired by a king or queen to steal treasure from another country's ships

River of Canada

the name for what is now the St. Lawrence River

New France

a translation of the French name for modern Canada

Lake Huron

a Great Lake between Canada an Michigan

Lake Ontario

a Great Lake between Canada and New York

Great Lakes

great inland freshwater seas that divide Canada from various states


the Indian name for French priests, who wore black cassocks

New Amsterdam

a Dutch colony on Manhattan Island

Fort Nassau

a Dutch colony that occupied the site of modern Albany, New York

minor orders

members of the clergy below the order of deacon, including acolyte, exorcist, and subdeacon

Lake Michigan

one of the four Great Lakes; it is surrounded by the states of Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Indiana


the name given to all the lands on either side of the Mississippi River in the 1600s