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The southern end of the Proclamation line of 1763 crosses the

Atlantic Coastal Plain

The Continental Divide in North America roughly follows the

Rocky Mountains

Along the Proclamation line of 1763 there is a single point in Northern Pennsylvania where the Mississippi river and st-lawrence river basins meet from this point which river system flows East through Pennsylvania to Chesapeake Bay

Susquehanna River

The last of the 13 colonies settled was


The first of the 13 colonies settled was


Between Northeastern Georgia and Western New York the Proclamation line of 1763 follows the

Appalachian Mountains

The Proclamation line of 1763 limited the settlement of the colonists to

The river watersheds which flow to the Atlantic Ocean between Chaleur Bay and st. Mary's River

The river which marks the Northern end of Proclamation line of 1763 is the

Restigouche River

The largest River Basin in North America is the Basin of the

Mississippi River

The segment of the Proclamation line of 1763 between Western New York and New Brunswick establish the border between the 13 colonies and the

Basin of the st-lawrence river