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A _______________ is a person who wanders or roams around.
In warm places, the first families lived in ______________.
In colder, rocky places, they lived in _________.
One of the best places for the earliest people to live was _______. (Hint: the ground was very fertile there.)
the Fertile Crescent
Early farmers would dig _______ to bring water from the river to their fields.
When the nomads had eaten most of the food in one place they would ________.

a) plant more food
b) move to another place
c) send a few people out to look for more
move to another place
What kind of food did women and children help provide for the family?

a) large animals such as deer and bison
b) vegetables
c) berries, nuts and roots
d) fish
berries, nuts, and roots
What kind of food did men provide for the family?

a) honey and eggs
b) vegetables
c) berries, nuts, and roots
d) large animals such as deer and bison
large animals such as deer and bison
Nomads built tents using ________ and wooden frames.

a) animal hides
b) mud bricks
c) rocks
d) reeds and grasses
animal hides
The first farmers grew _____.

a) olives and figs
b) corn and wheat
c) wheat and barley
d) berries and nuts
wheat and barley
Early farmers used a machine called a shaduf to ________.

a) harvest their grain
b) water their crops
c) plant seeds
d) till the soil
water their crops
Farmers began to build ______ so that they could help each other water and tend their crops.

a) stone walls
b) villages
c) canals
d) houses
TRUE OR FALSE: The Fertile Crescent was a good place to live because there was water, good soil, and plenty of grass and plants.
The early farmers moved from place to place like nomads.
Farmers began to build their houses out of mud bricks and reeds.
Early farmers began to raise cattle and pigs.
Villages began to build stone walls around their villages to keep their animals inside the village.
Jericho was one of the earliest cities.