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Basal readers
taught fundamentals of reading skills in the 50's-60's. emphasized on phonetics
literature from a white, euro point of view
core curriculum
body of knowledge all students are required to learn
critical pedagogy
unites critical thinking skills with real world situations
critical thinking skills
learning to think in depth and differently about hings
cultural literacy
knowledge of people, places, events, and concepts of a literate culture.
planned content to help educators achieve goals
lisa delpit
worked in inner city philadelphia to help colored students acheive
digital devide
term used to describe gap between those familar with technology and unfamilar with it
john goodland
refers to explicit and implicit curriculum in his book
e.d. hersch
brought core curriculum to the public light
individualized education program identifys and helps children with disabilitys needs
self aware of thinking processes while involved in something else
whole language
uses language arts to help teach language
According to sadker and sadker, what are the characteristics of effective schools? based on you experience are there any characteristics that you would add?
1 strong leadership
2 clear class goals
3 have a safe enviornment
4 moniter student progress
5 high expectations

i would add sufficent school suppies like having the right stuff for the students and faculty, and enough of it
individuals with disabilities education REPLACED and improved an old act to make sure disabled people werent left behind and they could recieve equal education
individualized education program taylored programs to fit the needs of the student
means to make everyone feel part of the team, and that everyone recieves fair and equal treatment
what are some strategies that eachers can use for dealing with diversity in the classroom
use different learning styles

have projects with different ethinic backgrounds for students from different places

dont make nicknames for names that are hard to pronounce