Brandy Hayse The Administrator Case Study

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Brandy Hayse the Administrator In order to create a successful learning environment as an administrator, I must provide leadership with core values and beliefs that align with student learning goals and staff. Ideally this would be me playing an active part in a school culture that promotes ongoing instructional improvement. Therefore, it is my responsibility to understand the primary mission and goals of the school and be very clear in communicating which values and ideals the school should be promoting (Gorton & Alston, 2012).
Values and Beliefs
First and foremost, I believe the makings of a great school starts at the top with leadership. Administrators should strive to model behavior that staff and students can’t help but to conform to. Leading be example is highly valuable and will become the norm of the group. “Although the guiding theories may differ, studies examining the relationship between school characteristics and academic achievement
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“A central part of being a great leader is cultivating leadership in others” (Wallace Foundation, 2013, p. 11). In order to foster continuous instructional improvement I must empower my team. Teacher leaders and instructional leadership teams are necessary to strengthen teaching and boost student learning (Broin, 2015). My expectation is for teachers and staff is to work collaboratively to support student growth. This also should include a commitment to working with families and community members to support the personal and academic development of every student. My responsibility lies in respecting my team members’ diversity in the methods used and fostering staff development for ideas to achieve our goal, thus maintaining a culture and climate that benefits teaching and learning (Ross & Cozzens, 2016). Leaders should not get caught up in their job title, but pull their resources together and encourage those under their authority to be innovative (Gorton & Alston,

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