Essay On Tie Response To Intervention

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To some individuals teaching sounds glamorous; the idea of empowering young students with knowledge can be an extremely rewarding career, but it is an arduous job. Teachers have curriculum requirements and must prepare students for the multitude of rigorous tests that they will take, which ultimately reflect on the teacher. Teachers have students that represent a broad spectrum of society. This diverse range of students can include students that have language problems, financial problems, social awkwardness, and definable learning disabilities. The college course Diverse Learners tries to give future teachers an overview of the multitude of diverse students that he or she will see every day. The goal of a teacher is to educate and inspire the next generation to do something that they are passionate about and become successful, though success involves not only money but happiness as well. Some students, including those who have learning disabilities, will require implementing responses to intervention. Response to Intervention is a multi-tiered system that utilizes tried-and-true pedagogical practices to help ensure that struggling students master the course material. Response to Intervention is based on three tiers. Tier one is the main duty of a teacher: a universal teaching model for all students, but this …show more content…
A student whose primary language is not English could struggle with word problems in math or writing papers for English, and instead of being deemed as intellectually disabled, that student can benefit from such things as group help. Other students, or a teacher, can read the math problem to a student and help him or her interpret the problem. If the student is otherwise proficient in computational mathematics, the student will easily see how to work the

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