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Which is the most common polymer type in fiber-reinforced polymer composites?

Contact molding and open mold process

Hand lay-up is classified in which general categories of PMC shaping processes?

Compression molding

A molding operation that uses sheet-molding compound (SMC) is a form of which molding process?

Continuous filaments

Filament winding involves the use of which fiber reinforcements?

Unsaturated polyesters and epoxies

What are the principal polymers used in fiber-reinforced polymers?

Water jet cutting process

Uses a high pressure, high velocity stream of water directed at the world surface to cut the work.

Ultrasonic machining

A non traditional process in which abrasives contained in a slurry are driven at high velocity against the work by a tool vibrating at low amplitude

Electrochemical machining

This process removes metal from an electrically conductive workpiece by anodic dissolution

Electric discharge material removal process

This process removes metal by a series of of discrete electrical discharges that cause localized temperatures high enough to melt or vaporize the metal in the immediate vicinity of the discharge

Electron beam machining

This non traditional process uses a high velocity stream of electrons focused on the workpiece surface to remove material by melting or vaporization

Mechanical, electrical, chemical, thermal

Name the four categories of non-traditional processes


A superheated, electrically ionized gas

Fusion welding and solid state welding

Name the two major categories for welding processes

Submerged arc welding

Which welding process is commonly used in the production of pressure vessels?

Resistance spot welds

This welding process is used only on lap joints and the average automobile has approximately 10,000 of these individual welds