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Welding the process to make, unite or fuse two or more pieces of metal as one. Welding uses electrons to heat metal to its boiling point in which it cools and bonds. Welding has been around since the egyptians they used it to make their tools to make the famous pyramids. In 1800 sir humphrey davy made a tool that was battery operated that was made just for welding. Today sir humphreys tool has been modified and made into as we know today as the arc welder. Welding is more of an art than a job because you start with a pile of scrap metal and after hours of thinking and just a little bit of work you end up with a beautiful piece of art. (” there is over 800 jobs welding anything from cars, planes, and boats to skyscrapers. there is 30 jobs
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This shield consist of three lenses the first lends it made of a high temper plexiglass. The other lens is made of a really dark tent that is anywhere from 3.0 to 5.0 thickness. The helmet is made of a three eighths of an inch hard plastic which is treated with a fire proof compound which is mixed with the plastic when molded. The machine is made with a high voltage converter which turns a two twenty power supply into over three thousand watts in a matter of one fifteenth of a second. The types of
Machines very on the type of metal you're welding on. For instance steel is one of the metals that reach three hundred and fifty degrees. There for you have the dial on sixty for the aluminum base. The adjustment knobs are based on thousandths. When it is time to break down each machine ,the stick machine uses a flux based rod. The flux is made of a carbon based compound. The welding rods can vary from brass, copper, cast iron, and stainless steel. All of these rods are made for a different type of

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