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E1-E3 Evals are due when?
July 15
E4 Evals are due when?
June 15
E5 Evals are due when?
March 15
E6 Evals are due when?
November 15
E7 Evals are due when?
September 15
E8 Evals ar due when?
September 15
E9 Evals are due when?
April 15
When are Fitreps for O1 due?
Active: May 31
Inactive: 31 May
When are Fitreps for O2 due?
Active: February 28
Inactive: February 28
When are Fitreps for O3 due?
Active: January 31
Inactive: January 31
When are Fitreps for O4 due?
Active: October 31
Inactive: October 31
When are Fitreps for O5 due?
Active: April 30
Inactive: April 30
When are Fitreps for W2 due?
Active: September 30
Inactive: September 30
When are Fitreps for W3-W5 due?
Active: March 31
Inactive: March 31
What is the instruction for Evals and Fitreps?
Within many days from the ending date of an eval should they be mailed off?
15 days for active duty and 30 days for inactive.
What should be typed in the signature block if the member is unable to sign?
"Certified Copy Provided"