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Describe the Attention Getter

An area available to send and display urgent messages

Messages are displayed until they are deleted or superceded

Accessed through the use of the F keys and is available on all pages apart from the index page

List the information found on the index page

Page numbers

Key column

Name column

Contents column

F key fast access functions

What are F keys used for on ET?

Fast access to pages

List the methods of page navigation

Return key: move cursor to next field

Ctrl+arrow keys: move the cursor in any direction

Tab key: move the cursor horizontally

Describe how to save information on ET

Check information is correct, press F1

Prompt will ask you to press Y or N

Y to save, N to continue

List the pertinent information listed on the Weather Page


Colour code



AIDS state


Crash Cat

List the pertinent information stored on the additional weather page

Heights/direction/speed of winds above ground level

Any airframe icing

Station Flying State


Describe the Movements page

Page for showing aircraft movements, inbound and outbound- each line represents 1 movement

10 seperate columns showing a wide range of important information

State the purpose of the events page

When an Air System takes off, lands , rolls or does a low approach this will have to be updated as an event on ET

Describe the Diversions and Commitments page

Left hand side- diversion station booked for your airfield, displays ICAO, RWY, Colour State and Crash Cat

Right hand side- commitments for your airfield, displays ICAO, timings, amount to be expected and Air System type

State the pertinent information listed on the Additional Informaton page

RHAG configuration

Barrier heights

Night flying information

Met warnings