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State the two states of Emergency


Urgency: "PANPAN x32

What information should a pilot provide when reporting an Emergency?


Aircraft Type

Nature of Emergency

Captain's intentions

Position, flight level/Altitude and heading

What two frequencies should Emergencies be declared on?

243.0 MHz (UHF)

121.5 MHz (VHF)

Who provides 24/7 Emergency aid and fixer service?

Distress and Diversion cell (D&D)

State the Speechless Procedure when in an Emergency

4 clicks (dots) in Morse- "Request Homing"

1 click- yes/acknowledgement

2 clicks- no

3 clicks- request to say again

The letter X in Morse indicates an additional or greater degree of emergency

Describe Auto-Triangulation

Used by D&D to fix the position of an Air System in an Emergency

Achieved by direction finding (DF) traces from various sites around the UK

What must a pilot do if the Emergency conditions cease to exist?

Immediately transmit a message on the frequency or frequencies which the emergency transmission was made, cancelling the original call

What frequencies are practice PANs carried out>

243.0 MHz UHF

121.5 MHz VHF

List 3 types of Emergency communications

Crash Telephone (Yellow phone dotted around a camp

Secure Management Radio Equipment (SMRE)

Station Broadcast System

List the different types of Safety Service Vehicles

List the 3 states of readiness


A crash on, or seen from, the Aerodrome

Emergency State 2

An incident where doubt exists regarding the safety of the or its occupants, or to anticipate a STATE 1- Fire vehicles and ambulance are deployed to the incident or pre-arranged locations on the Aerodrome

Emergency State 3

A precautionary measure to cater for a possible incident on the Aerodrome, or when an aircraft has crashed off an Aerodrome andthe position is unknown- Crash Rescue Services are manned with engines running at normal locations

Where must enquiries regarding an aircraft incident be redirected?

Community Relations Officer (CRO)

What information must a FOA relay over the station tannoy system in the even of an aircraft incident?

What informantion should be obtained from members of the public in the event of an aircraft incident?


Telephone Number


Nature of incident


Time of Incident

- Then inform your Supervisor