Avs 5204 Aviation Security Case Study Example

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Introduction This paper is an archival study for AVS 5204 Aviation Safety Analysis. The purpose it to use an online aviation database and extract data, analyze the data and then present the findings of the data.
This study will analyze accidents and incidents that have occurred at Denver International Airport (DEN) since the airport opened in 1995. Several characteristics will be looked at, such as type of operation, severity of injuries, phase of flight, and National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) determined cause. An analysis of this data will show the rate of occurrences at DEN and if DEN has typical rates of accidents and incidents or if there are unique risks. The data will also be compared to data found in Statistical Summary of
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The only search criteria that was entered was the airport identifier, DEN. The NTSB database was used for its ease of use and level of detail that is included in the reports. The FAA Accident and Incident Data Systems was also considered but was not as easy to use and extract data. Information about total aircraft movements was retrieved from Airports Council International found at http://www.aci.aero/Data-Centre/Annual-Traffic-Data/Movements/2011-final.
There are several limitations to this study. Aircraft movement data was not found for years 1995 to 1999. There is no data to identify the percentage of operations at DEN that were under Part 91, 121, 135, 129. Data is only available for total movements. There were no reports or summaries about accidents and incidents at major airports. Boeing’s statistical summary was the most complete and detailed report that was found online but it only included accidents. Further airports were used to have data to compare to. DEN is the fifth busiest airport in the U.S. based on aircraft movements. The other top 4 busiest airports were used to create an average of the top 5 airports. These airports are Atlanta Hartsfield (ATL), Chicago O’Hare (ORD), Dallas Forth/Worth (DFW), and Los Angeles International
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One movement equals a takeoff or landing. The average number of aircraft movements at DEN was 570,010 between 2000 and 2015. DEN has the fewest average operations of the top 5 airports. Data prior to 2000 was not readily available.
Total Occurrences Figure 2: Occurrences per Year
Figure 2 shows the number of occurrences per year at DEN. DEN averaged 3.38 accidents or incidents per year. There was one year with no accidents or incidents, 2002. There was a large spike in occurrence during the mid 2000s.The most accidents and incidents occurred in 2003 with 11. Data for the last four years shows there only being one accident or incident per year.
Using aircraft movements and occurrence data for 2000-2015, there was an average of 4.4 occurrences a year. This equates to .77 occurrences every 100,000 aircraft movements or 0.0008% of aircraft movements per year.
Figure 2 shows the DEN had a significantly higher rate of occurrences between 2003 and 2007 compared to the average rate. The rate of occurrence at DEN was more than double the average of 2.11 for years 2000-2015. The top 5 airports averaged a rate of .72 occurrences every 100,000 aircraft movements, which is slightly less than the rate at DEN.
Type of

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