Case Study Of Front Desk: Security Plan

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Supervisor’s Office & Pine Ridge Ranger District
Front Desk - Security Plan

I. General Operations – This plan is to guide front desk personnel in the handling of emergency situations that could present a safety threat to them or others in the building. All situations are different and require calm, quick thoughts, and pre-planned emergency responses.

• All front desk personnel will receive annual refresher training with practice drills to include radio use, phone use, paging system, hazard assessment, and general demeanor.
• The Pine Ridge District Ranger will coordinate refresher trainings for all front desk personnel with Law Enforcement Officer (LEO), Radio Communication IT, and others.
• At Supervisor’s Office (SO) and/or Pine Ridge
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• At any time front desk personnel feels the LEO would be helpful, they shall have the authority to page “LEO to the front desk.” Although he/she may not be available it will alert the building occupants there is a situation in the reception area. My thought is given the LEO is not here on the premises much, to announce for example, “Code Green.” Definition- “Code Green” is a way of summoning immediate assistance when an employee member feels a threat to self or others.

III. Emergency Practices

Any employee that feels it is necessary shall be authorized to press either of the two panic buttons to activate the Chadron Police Department to the scene. Fire
• Front Desk personnel are to announce the location of the fire - Call 911, secure the visitor sign in book and vacate the building.
• Upon notice -- any employee may activate the fire alarm & leave the building -- per the Office Evacuation Plan.

Irate or Violent Guest
• Immediately contact District Ranger or Forest Supervisor and, if neither is present, contact another member of the management team.

Angry/Upset- no verbal or physical threats of harm or weapons

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