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transgenic model

produced by random integration of foreign gene in germ line

gene knockout model

produced by site specific gene insertion

history of transgenic mouse

brinster and palmiter inserted human growth hormone and made gigantic mouse

how are genes inserted in mouse genome

DNA is inserted in diploid zygote. Fertilized eggs are transferred to foster mothers

what is the percentage of offspring that will contain foreign DNA from implanted mother


how are gene targeting vector introduced to ES cells

electrophoration or lipid mediated transfection

how does the mutated copy of gene get integrated into cell DNA

homologous recombination upon insertion

what is the genotypes of progeny crossed with heterozygenous to heterozygous



50% homozygous

what happens if homozygote pups are not detected after repeated breeding

loss of function has most likely resulted in embryo lethality

what are some limitations to gene knockout strategy

1. mutations may give rise to defects that would require more in depth phenotypic research

2. lack of detectable phenotype

3. contribution of defects in multi tissues

what needs to happen for a gene to be considered floxed

2 loxP sites need to be inserted on each side of essential exon

define a cre mouse

mice carry gene for cre recombinase linked to a cell type specific promoter

when is Cre protein active in cre-lox mouse

active in cells that have an active promoter for Cre

what happens in the pressence of Cre and recombinatinon in cre-lox mouse

exon2 deleted and inactivation of target gene

exon 2 must be deleted in order for gene to express cre (T/F)


females lacking progesteron receptor have

impaired ovarian functinon

impaired uterine functino

impaired sexual behavior

defective mammary gland development