Should Rats Be Used In Research Essay

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Rats along with mice make up about 90% of the animals used in research today. Due to both rats and humans being mammals, they share a variety of similarities in structure and function. Thus making rats ideal candidates for research in laboratories along with them being easy to care for, handle and reproduce. Rats are physiologically, genetically and morphologically closer to humans than other research animals.
Rats are used for research in a large variety of human conditions from diabetes and obesity to seizures, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease. As well as cancer studies, neurology, product safety, transplants and other infectious diseases. They are also involved in other research areas such as physical health, including behavior, nutrition, and other studies. Various medication and drug products are tested on rats to ensure safety of use before being given to humans. Developing medication for eliminating cravings, which could help significantly with addictions from things such as drugs. The use of rats in research has allowed a large collection of information to be gathered regarding these diseases such as cancers.
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Rats can have a lot of symptoms that are found in humans with various diseases and conditions. The similarities of rats and humans is closer than one may expect, making rats ideal for many areas of research. Over the years, rodents have been altered genetically until scientists, in the last twenty years, came up with a new development called “transgenic mice”. A type of mouse or rat that has some genetics closely resembling the genes that are responsible for causing certain human conditions. These rodents are bred so scientists can specifically control which genes are active or not. Researchers have a good understanding of rats biologically, so they are able to identify causes of changes in rats’ physical and behavioral

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