Positives And Complications Of Genetic Modification

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• Genetic Modification is the utilisation of biotechnology to alter the genes of an organism.
• Aids in adapting the genetic composition to increase the sustainability as a specific crop may require cooler weather however drought inhibits the growth or potential of the organism therefore the genes can be adapted to suit the cooler weather rather than drought.
• The process consists of identifying an organism with the desirable trait and mixing the genetic material.
• The alternation on an organism genetic makeup.
• The genetic information on two organisms is mixed to allow the organism to inherit the desirable trait of the other.
• It can be utilised to help a crop grow within regions of climate incompatibility by genetically altering the
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The book contains bias opinions on both positive and negatives aspects of Genetic Engineering however the actual scientific information has been derived through a variety of sources such as Government reports, journals and magazine entries. The book was published in 2010 which is slightly outdated as a variety of the methods and techniques from GM have advanced through time however the underlying scientific facts and background information still remain valid. The information is quite detailed and comprehensive however it is can be easily interrupted by a high school …show more content…
• It can be utilised to help a crop grow within regions of climate incompatibility by genetically altering the DNA of another crops which is able to grow is harsher conditions.
• GM doesn’t always imply that the desired DNA of the trait in introduced. The original DNA of the organism can be scientifically adapted.

What is Transgenics?
• A transgenic animal carries a gene which has been purposely implanted in the genetic material, which is introduced into the animals via a process of recombinant DNA.
• Recombinant DNA is utilised for gene manipulation of an organism and making copies of the DNA which can be utilised for DNA testing, DNA manipulation and producing a various number of identical material for a variety of different tests.

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