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The deffinition of respiration is?
The process of moving O2 to tissues for aerobic metabolism and removal of C02
Wich direction does O2 move across the system by simple diffusion?
From the atomsphere to tissue for aerobic metabolism
Wich direction does CO2 move across the system by simple diffusion?
From the intracellular to the atmosphere
How much CO2 does the average adult produce a min.?
200 ml
Alveolar O2 tension (dalton`s Law)
of partial pressure equation is?
pAO2= FIO2(PB-47)-(PACO2 x 0.8) or times it by 1.2
PBAR is?
Barometric Pressure
PAN= PB- (PAO2+PACO2+PH2O) is the formula for?
Change in the alveolar gas of partial tensions
PAN2 is determined by what law?
Dalton`s Law
In Alverolar or O2 Tention equation you get rid of the____ if the FIO2 is greater than 60.
How many barriers to diffusion have at the A/C membrain?
3 main barries
What are the 3 main barriers to diffusions?
Alveolar epithelium, interstital space and it`s structurs, capillary endothelium
diffusion occurs along the ___
pressure gradients
Ficks Law
The greater the surface aera diffusion constant and pressure gradient the more diffusion will occur
COPD is called?
the 50/50 club
CO2 and O2 on Ra only can be no higher than what pressure?
Pulmonary blood is normally exposed to alveolar gas for _____of a second?
During excercise, pulmonary blood esposure to alveolar gas may fall as low as___ of a second.
With limitation of exsposure to the blood less than___ may be inadequate time for equilibration.
0.25 sec
Anatomic shunts go from ___ to ___
Rt to Lft
Thebesian veins are the ___
coronary veins
Alveolus pressure is?
100mm Hg for O2 and 46 for CO2
Venous pressure for O2 is ___mm Hg and___ mmHg for CO2
40 and 46
Rt to Lft anatomic shunts exist were?
Bronical venous drainge and thebesian veins
Regoinal inequalities changes affect____.
gas tensions
If pH is acidotic, it shifts to the Rt or the Lft?
Rt shift
If the PH is alckolotic does it shift the line on the disassociation curve rt or lft?
How many O2 can bind to each hemoglobin?
Hemogolobin range for men is
Hemeglobin range for women is?
Does the pH change the affinity for binding hemoglobin to O2?
After a week of storage of blood what brakes down and makes it hard for hemoglobin to let go O2
The 2,3DPG
Each gram of Hb can bind __ ml of O2
What is the % of O2 transported that is bonded not dissolved?
Dissolved O2(ml/Dl)=PO2is ___
(0.003 x Pao2) +(Hb x 1.34 x SAO2)
At tissue level is there more or less O2 unloading?
Ficks equation
normal cardiac output in adults is?
Ph at ___enhances oygen transport at the tissue for more O2 unloading
Ph at the lungs of ___ enhances O2 loading
When you have a temp. does it increase or decrease metabolic demand for O2?
With out ___ Hb, affinity is so great that O2 cannot be unloaded.
Sicle cell can lead to what?
hemolysis and thrombi
What is the most common cause of death with sickel cell?
Acute chest syndrome
Methemoglobin is ___
abnormal iron that cannot bind O2
Dose Hb bind to co2 better than O2?
How much more greater is Hb affinity to Co2 than O2?
200 times greater
Carbon binded with what in Hb?
combined with protein 12% with amino groups on plasma protiens
What % of carbon is transported by Ionized bicarbonates due to hydrolysis reaction?
What serves as a catalyst for hydrolysis of Hco3
carbonic anhydrase
Hamburger phenomenon is
when HCO3 diffuses out of the RBCs in echange for Cl
The haldane effect describes the relationship of what and what does it mean?
As HbO2 increases CaCO2 decreasese
Hypoemia is defined as
abnormally low PaCo2
Absolute low Hb is called what?
Abnormalities of gas echange can be cause by what?
shock, anemia, deficencies, hypoventilation, hypoemia