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The rapid, large-scale manufacture or identical products

Mass Production

A period of rising prices on the stock market

Bull Market

Secretary of the treasury under President Harding; favored low taxes, a balanced budget, and less business regulation

Andrew Mellon

Loan program to help Germany make reparations to England and France so that those countries could repay wartime loans to the United States

Dawes Plan

1925 "Monkey Trial", which challenged a law against teaching Darwin's theory of evolution in Tennessee public schools

Scopes Trial

Group violently opposed to immigrants, Catholics, Jews, and African American


The first talking motion picture

The Jazz Singer

Psychologist who suggested that people are driven by subconscious desires

Sigmund Freud

The flowering of African American arts and literature in the 20's in New York

Harlem Renaissance

Profilic writer who celebrated African American culture and life

Langston Hughes

What was Coolidge's reaction to racial issues?

He ignored racial issues.

What was the largest cultural split in the 20's?

Rural to Urban. People who live in urban areas have access to higher pay and more leisure time and a better life.

What were the educational differences during the 20's?

People in cities enjoyed education. "Better education, Better life"

People in rural cities don't see a point in education. You don't need an education to work on a farm.

Where were the main movie industries located?

Hollywood California

What was the biggest factor that made "Flappers" or "New Women" unliked by the elder generation?

They rejected Victorian morals.

What changes took place in women's lives in this decade.

Urban women's lives were easier. They got new products to help the women get lazy and develop new personal interests.

What was the scopes trial?

It surrounded the teaching of evolution. Cities are modern and put their faith and beleifsbin science. But rural dwellers put their faith and beliefs in God.

What is the Harlem Renaissance?

It opened area for change. Blacks could feel safe and embrace being black. Literature and Art and Music cane out in new forms.

What were some issues with immigration?

There was always a problem. They threaten our ideas and beliefs and took our jobs.

Who is Louis Armstrong and what a does he have to do with Jazz?

He played trumpet, was the unofficial embassaador of Jazz music. (AMERICAN STYLE OF IMPROVE)

What is the KKK?

They hate immigrants and the melting pot society.

What are the differences in the rural and urban lifestyles?

The urban people have more free time and easier lives.

What were the farmer's incomes like in the 20's?

Their economy declines continuously and farmers go deeper and deeper into debt.

What happened with African Americans and discrimination in the 20's?

As a community African Americans move north to escape Jim Crow Laws in the South. They are facing the worst about of discrimination in the south.

What is mass production?

Relied on supply and demand. Because mass producing in cars elevated so prices went down.

What did Henry Ford's techniques do for automobiles?

He came up with his ideas for the assembly line through a meat packaging plant. The timw cut on production made cars more affordable. More jobs were made because of the steady production of cars.

What is Prohibition?

Banning of alcohol. The 18th amendment was the ban on alcohol. The 21'st was giving alcohol back.

What did prohibition do to organized crime?

Bootleggers and criminals get worse and worse. If you break one law what is the probe with breaking another one?

What is buying stock on margin?

You put a small payment down and pay the rest thought credit. It only works when the stock market prices go up.

What is the bull market?

Strong period of stock sales

Who are Harding 's cabinet members?

Hoover and Mellon are good!

Who is Andrew Mellon?

Slashed restrictions and debt and manages the country's money very well

What is the Teapot Dome Scandal?

Albert Fall transferred the private rights from the navy's oil reserves to private oil companIes

What are Harding 's and Coolidge's policies for business and economy?

They aid the growth of businesses, reduce restrictions on businesses.

What was the economy like before the 20's?

The government had gone through a recession

What was the economy like during the 20's?

The economy is strong

What are Marcus Garvey's political movements?

The back to Africa plan. It fell skate because he got deported dur to mail fraud.