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MC 01-4-88 is all about?

Rules and Regulations Governing Equipment Provided by Customers/Subscribers of Public Networks

MC 1-04-88 has been revised in what Memorandum Circular?

MC 2-01-2001

It is a process by which CPE are evaluated for compatibility with the public telecommunications network to ensure that a certificate of type approval will be granted only to CPE which when connected will not result in harm, or will ensure adequate safety, to said network.

Typr Approval

What certificate does the FCC issue to CPEs?

Type Approved Certificate

What certificate does the NTC issue for CPEs?

Type Acceptance Certificate

In Sec 3 of MC 01-04-88, how many ECE and ECT must a company employ full time in order to be accredited?



What documents must a supplier submit in order to be accredited according to Sec 3 of MC 01-04-88?

1) SEC papers

2) Proof of paid capitalization

3) Valid distributorship

4) Type Approved CPE

5) List of ECE and ECT employed

6) List of spare parts

Accreditation certificates for CPE suppliers are valid for how long?

4 years