Clinical Lab Science Career

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Everyone has a dream in their childhood, some people achieve it and some other can’t achieve their goals and led their life through the way it is. When I was little, I wanted to be a Microbiologist. The college in our state didn’t offer the microbiology course; therefore, I chose zoology and got my bachelor degree. After completing my Bachelor degree and thinking of doing my Masters in Microbiology, I moved to US. After that I can 't pursue my degree due to my personal situation. When I was browsing the UIS website and noticed that UIS is offering the CLS course and I decided to pursue the CLS degree to fulfill my dream and my journey continues. I selected a Clinical Lab science course, because, I am confident, that I’m eligible for this job because of the following reasons. First, I am interested in biology than any other subjects. I liked to learn how cells multiply and grow, how our body works etc. While looking into the microscope, I am so excited to see how the small organisms made changes in our body. In my Mycology class, …show more content…
The Illinois state does not require a license from the state of Illinois; However, lab technicians requires a certificate from the recognized association like the American Association of Bioanalysis (AAB) or American Society of Clinical Pathology (ASCP). If a person wants a liscence from ASCP he/ she has to submit online application and then send an official transcript from the university with the signature of the registrar. Once the application and document is approved by the Board of Certification, Then they receive a email to login. Using the Login information, we have to schedule a date for an exam within three months and they will send you a study material and examination date. After taking the exam, you will receive a score with 3-4 business days and a certificate within 2-3 weeks. The certificate is valid for 3 years and have to renew every three

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