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Customet Premises Equipment

MC 01-04-88

Domestic Satellite Regulations

MC 10-07-93

International Satellite Regulations

MC 04-03-99

Spectrum use for Cellular Mobile Telephone Service (CMTS)

MC 10-10-97

IRR for RA 7925

MC 08-09-95

National Freqeuncy Allocation Table (NRFAT)

MC 03-03-96

Frequency Allocation for wireless PABX and CPE

MC 06-05-02

Additional Frequency for WLL

MC 03-05-2004

Freqeuncy allocation for telemetry and other Similar Data Systems

MC 09-11-2005

Service Performance Standard for Telephone

MC 10-17-90

Wireless Data Networks and Devices

MC 09-09-2003

Service Performance Standards for CMTS

MC 07-06-2002

Ssrvice Performance Standard for Telecomm Line

MC 10-09-90

Fundamrntal Technical Plans (Standards) for Telecommunications

MC 10-19-90