Explain The Limitations Of Ppe

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Limitations of PPE.
Proper care, maintenance, useful life, and disposal of assigned PPE.
How to replace or borrow PPE.
The employees of the Nebraska National Forest & Grasslands (NNFG) shall use proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in conjunction with Engineering and/or Administrative controls; combined with safe work practices, to protect themselves from occupational hazards.
The need for the use of PPE shall be determined by three means. 1.) As indicated in the Safety Data Sheet (SDS). 2.) The supervisor or any other employee that identifies hazards associated with specific tasks and/or 3.) As required by the FSH 6709.11 Safety and Health Handbook, Interagency Standards for Fire and Fire Aviation Operations, or any other
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Personal prescription eye glasses will not be approved eye protection.
• Foot Protection – Safety Shoes – 29 CFR 1910.136
When indicated by Job Hazard Analysis, all associated employees shall wear OSHA approved safety shoes to help prevent foot injuries, ankle injuries, slips, and falls.
• Hand Protection – Gloves – CFR 1910.138
When indicated by Job Hazard Analysis, all associated employees shall wear gloves to help prevent hand injuries, including cuts, burns, chemical exposure, for example. The proper glove to wear when handling chemicals shall be determined by the MSDS for the specific chemical.
• Head Protection – Hard hats – 29 CFR 1910. 135
When indicated by Job Hazard Analysis, all associated employees shall wear ANSI approved hard hats to help prevent head injuries, including those resulting from falling objects, bumping the head against a fixed object, or electrical
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Employees requiring respirators shall be fitted with respirators that have been approved by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and for the contaminant or situation causing the exposure. All tests such as for Pulmonary Lung Function and the Qualitative and Quantitative Fit tests shall be performed and documented. The supervisors shall train in the use of filtering face pieces, commonly referred to as dust masks, and records are kept on file with the Safety Officer. For further information, please refer to the NNF&G Respiratory Program.
Location of PPE
Supplies of PPE shall be kept in designated areas. It shall be permissible that this designated area be secured and/or locked.
Employee-Owned PPE
Employees shall be permitted to supply their own PPE provided that the PPE is equivalent or greater in quality to the government furnished PPE. The supervisors shall be responsible to assure the adequacy (as well as proper fit, maintenance, and sanitation) of employee-owned equipment. Employee owned PPE shall be subject to all of the previously

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