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Define Focus
the point beneath Earth's surface where crust breks and triggers and earthquake
Volcanic soil is very rich because it has a high concentration of what two minerals?
Potassium and phosphorus
How do geologists locate the epicenter of an earthquake?
By drwaing circles to show distances from three different seismograph stations. Where the 3 circles meet, is where the epicenter is.
Describe a composite volcano.
A volcano that has alternating layers of 1)ash, cinders, and bombs and 2) lava.
Which earthquake rating system estimates the total energy released by an earthquake?
The Moment Magnitude scale.
What are the four factors that influence how explosive a volcano is?
1) water content (the more water, the more explosive)
2) gas contnet (the more gas, the more explosive)
3) silica content (the more silica, the more explosive)
4) temperature (the lower the temp. the more explosive)
Name the three types of stress that cause deformation of the curst.
Shearing, tension, compression.
The type of stress that pushes masses of rock past each other in opposite directions
Describe a Hot Spot.
An area where magma melts through the crust in the middle of a plate.
What causes a tsunami?
Water displaced by an undersea earthquake.
What is the Ring of Fire?
A belt of volcanoes that circles the Pacific Ocean. These are subduction zone volcanoes.
Describe liquefaction.
When an earthquake shakes loose soil and sand causing water to rise to the surface. Buildings themn sink into the mud.
Describe a sheild volcano.
A wide, gently sloping mountain made of layers of low silica (very liqiuid)lava.
Name the types of seismic waves beginning with the type that arrives first (travel fastest)
P waves, S waves, surface waves
Any change in the volume or shape of Earth's crust is called
How is a caldera formed?
When the crater of a volcano collapses in on itself. Usually occurs when the volcano has used up the magma in its chamber.