Earthquakes And Earthquakes Essay

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Earthquakes and volcanoes are generally caused by one thing; plate tectonics. All three will be discussed in detail. This paper will describe how they affect each other. This is a very interesting topic because it is so hard to predict. Plate tectonics are interesting in the way they work. This is the constant moving and shifting of the earth’s crust which is divided into segments called plates. They are about the same size as a continent and vary in size as the continents do. Each plate also has various landforms, mountains, valleys, and things like that. The plates move due to the various currents of the earth’s mantle. This is called convection currents which is the constant circling of the earth’s magma. This causes three types of faults: divergent, convergent, and transform. A divergent fault pulls the plate apart. A …show more content…
An earthquake is a rapid shifting of the ground which creates vibrations. This might involve ravines, rifts, a tsunami, and sometimes volcanic eruptions. People are afraid of earthquakes on land, but earthquakes which happen underwater also dangerous. People worry about things falling on them as a refult of the earthquake. Real damage can be done to buildings which might fall, foundations become stressed. Roads might have huge ravines, telephone poles or electric wires might fall on one’s car. In the house, books and things can fall all over, even from tremors. Sometimes tremors cause rattling and shaking or minor breakage. Any of this damage is extremely costly and impacts the economic situation in a big way. Businesses might fail completely. Things have to be replaced and everything costs money. Insurance companies go broke. People are out of jobs and often do not have a means of recovering. It is impossible to predict but we do know that some places are more dangerous than others. Richter Scales and other measuring devices are used by

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