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Which PS for will yo use When transferring accountability for Registered Mail with another agency or person,
PS Forms 3854
PS Forms 3854 is what?
"Manifold Registry Dispatch Book"
"Transportation Control and Movement Document," is what form.
DD Forms 1384
"Cargo Manifest," or OPNAV Form 5110/9 is what form.
DD FORM 1385
WHAT FORM WILL BE USE when dispatching Registered mail in closed-body type vehicles
PS Form 3830-A, "Registry Dispatch
To maintain proper security, MPCs and PCs shall
always assume that official Registered mail contains classified material up to what classification.
Coded shipments are Registered mail consisting of one or more pieces transported together whose total value is?
$250,000 or more
These shipments shall receive armed protection while in military postal channels.
Secure the registry cage when dealing with Reistry mail by a (GSA)-approved?
3 position, dial type combination lock
Accept personal items as Registered mail through the MPO on PS Form?
3806, "Receipt for Registered Mail."
what form will you use to transfer accountability
between registry clerks upon change of shifts or when a registry clerk surrenders custody of registered items.
PS Form 3854 or
DD Form 2261
At the close of business each day or at each shift change, as
applicable, the registry clerk shall conduct an audit by completing form?
DD Form 2261
File duplicate copies of PS Form 3806 ( Receipt for Registered Mail) in what sequence?
Numerical by the last two digits in MPO files
PS Form 3854
Incoming and outgoing truck bills for register mail.
to acknowledge receipt of Register Mail The registry clerk and a witness shall sign all copies of Form PS?
PS Form 3854
What needs to be done If all Registered mail listed on the dispatch bill is not received?
contact the dispatching activity immediately to determine if the item was actually dispatched
What needs to be done If all Registered mail listed on the dispatch bill is not sent?
write "not received" opposite the entry on the dispatch bill,
What needs to be done If all Registered mail was received, but not listed on the dispatch bill?
enter the article number on the bill with a note of explanation, immediately contact the dispatching activity by phone or message, fill out the coupon with the details of the
discrepancy, and return it to the dispatching activity
What needs to be done When Registered mail is received erroneously
immediately contact the intended destination by phone, facsimile, or message and inform the originating
postal activity about the items involved and the plans for dispatch
If a Registered item is received without a PS Form 2942-A from an U.S. commercial air carrier, the receiving activity shall immediately prepare a substitute PS Form 2942-A and a PS Form 3854 with the endorsement?
If official Registered mail is received in damaged conditionand
actual or possible compromise of classified information is apparent, report the incident per?
each Military Department's security procedures
If official Registered mail is received in damaged condition and only the outer wrapper is
damaged and there is no possibility that the contents were disclosed, what do you do?
rewrap and endorse the envelope or wrapper and the bill with "Received in Damaged Condition."
What is PS Item 0-817C, in regards to Register Mail.
"Numbered Tin Band Seal for Registered Mail
How are "Numbered Tin Band Seal for Registered Mail accounted for?
Serial Numbers
When preparing to dispatch Registered mail Separate Registered mail by?
destination and tie letters and flats in bundles.
Prepared PS Form 3854 (Manifold Registry Dispatch Book) with?
with a ballpoint pen. If an error is made, draw a single line through the entry,initial it, and begin again on the following line
When tendering R. mail directly to another postal activity what form will be use to account for each pouch and OSP?
PS FORM 3854
Registry Mail Jacket
To maintain proper security, overseas postal activities shall dispatch official Registered mail only on designated scheduled commercial, non-stop, cargo, passenger or cargo with passenger flights operated by U.S. carriers, or on DoD aircraft.

Personal Registered mail may be loaded in the same container with First-Class and Priority mail and dispatched on U.S. commercial passenger flights
How should Personal R. mail be loeaded on a plane with different types of mail.
in the same container with First-Class and Priority mail and dispatched on U.S. commercial passenger flights.
It should be loaded last to allow it to be unloaded and accounted for first
physically monitor the designated flights
If a U.S. citizen driver is not available when transporting official R. Mail what shall be done?
a U.S. citizen mail guard shall accompany the shipment
At-Sea Transfers of Registered mail shall be transferred in what?
weighted, non-watertight bags,
whenever feasible, to ensure prompt sinking in case of loss
DD FORM 2261, for R mail.
PS Form 3877, for R. mail
Firm Mailing Book for Accountable Mail
What are PS Label 87 use for?
Sealing Sea-Van Containers.