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What hobbies or interest do you wish to pursue?
What do you expect out of a relationship?
do you want love, to be needed, to be cared for, to feel special, to feel secure, to feel trust?
What do you think is most important in a relationship?
On a scale of 1 - 10
how important is spending time with your mate?
how important is being told daily I love you?
how important is being held and hugged?
how important is doing things with your partner that are interactive?
What things make you feel loved and cared for? example, opening of a door, making coffee, little loves notes.
What is your idea of a great vacation?
What are the most wonderful moments you have experienced with your mate?
What are your favorite foods?
Where do you like to window shop most often?
In what ways do you try to show love to your partner?
what are some things that make your relationship unique?
How do you feel about relationship workshops?
How does God fit into your life? Where does devotion rank on a scale of 1-10?
Do you honestly know how to be supportive to your partner?
What makes you feel supported?
In what ways do you feel you can better your relationship?
Are you sexually satisfied? Can you invest in Tao or couples Yoga?
What makes your relationship work at this time?
What are your dreams?
What are your fantasies?
How important is passion?
Are you open to your partners ideas? Do you know what they are?
How do you feel about keeping a couples journal to understand and connect with each other?
What do you see in the future with your mate?
How do you think future relationships with all of family should work out or be?
How much do you stand by your partner?
How much do you feel stood by?
Do you feel as if there is something missing in your relationship?
Does a relationship make your life more complete and whole?
Do you like surprises?
How do you feel about holidays?
What makes a house a home?
What is your idea of style?
What do you think is romantic?
Do you feel your mate can be sturdy with and for you through the bad?