Theories Of Successful Relationships

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There are many differing opinions on how to start and maintain a successful relationship. Multiple theories have been brought up to try and distinguish a formula that is effective for couples entering into a partnership. These concepts take research and try to pinpoint the positive and negative aspects of relationships by studying couples interactions with each other. Understanding theses interactions gives researchers tools to help couples focus and resolve conflicts. It also provides answers and tools that can be implemented to prevent conflicts in the future. The following examines the analysis of Dr Gottman’s “Love Lab” video and looks at the effectiveness of his studies, if there is an accurate formula for choosing a spouse,
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Some of these other concepts help individuals understand their attraction and connection to one another “Hatfield (1998) defined falling in love as “an intense desire for union with the beloved”. This desire for union may be observed through different response systems (Fisher, 2004; Yela, 2000)” as cited from (Cruces, Hawrylak, and Delegido, 2015: p 88). From this theory love is discussed from a more passionate aspect. When couples meet and are attracted to each other they may look for similarities or a strong connection to help them find a common ground “We also tend to date and eventually marry those who are more similar to us in terms of values, beliefs, thoughts, and even background. This is termed the principle of homogamy, or matching (Brehm, et al., 2002)” as cited from (“GCU PSY 225 Lecture 5”, 2016: p1). Forming these kinds of attachments with someone allows a mutual trust and respect to develop with one’s partner. “That these expectations are often fulfilled is reflected in research findings indicating that people who are similar in a variety of social and personal traits are more likely to stay together than are people who are less similar (Weber, 1998)” as ctied from Crooks and Bauer, 2014, p 189). Using these different theories to help look for a mate will …show more content…
Studies and research such as, Dr Gottman’s “Love Lab” has shown that effective tools can be used to help couples navigate through their journey to finding love. Following the advice of these professionals is a sure way to helping understand the different perspectives of your spouse and how to effectively communicate with them. Learning other theories of love and attraction also help define how people are drawn to one another. This research is invaluable and can work to help couples potentially save their marriages and formulate strong sturdy relationships if they are willing to put the techniques and research to practice. All these theories help people understand love, what it is, and how to show that love in an intimate setting with a potential life long

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