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Peter Halley, A Monstrous Paradox,1989

Christopher Wool, Fukem,1992

Jeff Koons, Three Ball Total Equilibrium Tank,1985

Haim Steinbach, Untitled(Cabbage, Pumpkin, Pitchers) #1, 1986

Damien Hirst, The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living, 1991

Sarah Lucas, AuNaturale,1994

Tracy Emin, My Bed,1999

Marcus Harvey, Myra,1995

Chris Ofili, The Holy Virgin Mary,1996

Rachel Whiteread, House, 1993

Sol Goldman and Alex DiLorenzo, Manhattan Real Estate Holdings, 1971

Haacke, Project‘74,1974

Daniel Buren, Peinture-Sculpture, 1971

Marcel Broodthaers, Musée d’Art Moderne ,Département des Aigles, 1968

Fred Wilson, Mining the Museum,1992

Andrea Fraser, Museum Highlights, 1989

Rona Pondick, Mouth, 1993

Kiki Smith, Tale, 1992

Kiki Smith, The Suffering Body,1990

Robert Gober, Untitled,1991

Matthew Barney, Blind Perineum,1991

Mathew Barney, DRILLTEAM,1991

Paul McCarthy, Painter,1995

Paul McCarthy, Santa with Butt Plug,2004

Mike Kelley, Ahh…Youth!,1991

Mike Kelley, More Love Hours than Could Ever Be Repaid, 1986

Tania Bruguera, Generic Capitalism,“Our Literal Speed” conference, 2009

Rirkrit Tiravanija, Untitled (Free),1992`

Liam Gillick, “Discussion Bench Platforms,” 2010

Tino Sehgal “The Progress”, 2010

Santiago Sierra, “160cm Line Tattooed on 4 People,” 2000

Michael Blum, A Tribute to Safiye Behar, 2005

Frances Stark, My Best Thing, 2011

Ryan Trecartin, Center Jenny,2013

Isa Genzken, Elefant,2006

Tom Burr, Movie Theater Seat in Box,1997

Carol Bove, Utopia or Oblivion,2002

Rachel Harrison, Nice Rack,2006


Amanda Ross-Ho, Untitled Sculpture (ONCE YOU GO BLACK), 2015

Sophie Calle, Take Care of Yourself,2007

Christian Marclay, The Clock,2010

Justin Lowe & Jonah Freeman, Hello Meth Lab in the Sun,2008

Tom Sachs, Space Program,2007