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Mountains and Sea, Helen Frankenthaler, oil and charcoal om canvas, 1952

Joan Mitchelle, untitled, 1956, oil on canvas

Robert Rauschenberg, retroactive 1,1963, oil and silkscreen ink on canvas, beefier Kennedy death

Jasper Johns. Flag, 1954-1955, encaustic, oil, and collage on fabric mounted on plywood, 48 states

Andy Warhol, green coca-cola bottles, 1962, oil in canvas

Claes Oldenburg, soft toilet, 1966, vinyl, plexiglass, and kapok on painted wood base

White Cigarette, James Rosenquist, 1961, oil on canvas

Chuck close, self portrait, 1977, etching on paper

Richard estes, telephone booths, 1967, acrylic on board

Telephone booths, richard estes, 1967, acrylic on board

Ralph goings, America's favorite, 1989, oil on canvas

Saraband, morris louis, 1959, acrylic resin on canvas

Steel magnesium plain, carl andre,1969

Gala, Bridget riley,1974, acrylic on cavas

Victor vasarely, vega -nor, 1969, acrylic in canvas

Tony smith, smoke, 1967, painted aluminum

Yoko Ono, cut piece,1964, performance

Chief, Franz Kline, 1950, oil on canvas

Mark Rothko, number 22, 1949, oil on canvas

Women 1, William de kooning, 1950-1952