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A main, national government for things concerning the entire nation and many smaller governments that deal with local issues pertaining to the specific regions they govern.
3 levels of government
Federal gov is responsible for...
Foreign affairs
Regulation of trade/commerce
Banking, interest, legal tender
Currency, issue of paper money
Postal service
Criminal law + penitentiaries
Indians and land reserved for Indians
Provincial gov is responsible for...
Amendment of prov. constitution
Provincial taxation to raise revenue for provincial purposes
Borrowing $ on credit of province
Natural resources
Municipal institutions
Provincial highways + bridges
Civil Law
Municipal gov is responsible for...
Water & sewage
Public Transit
City planning
Maintenance of local roads
Police/fire services
Child care
Animal control
Executive Branch
Carries out the nations laws
(prime minister, cabinet members)
cabinet members
Elected MPs chosen by the PM to head up departments (ministries) such as finance, national defence, etc.
Shadow cabinet
Opposition. Critics: hold the cabinet members accountable
Prime Minister
Head of Government,
Leader of party with most seats in house of commons
Legislative Branch
Parliament. Makes the nation's laws.
1. house of commons - lower house, elected
2. senate - upper house, appointed. "sober 2nd thought"
Judicial Branch
Interprets the nation's laws.
Supreme Court of Canada
Highest court of appeal in Canada
Monarch (King or Queen)
Head of State
Governor General
Fulfils the role of Head of State; carries out the Monarch's responsibilities.
Suggests federal laws, advises the Head of State as the Privy Council for Canada
Upper Chamber of law-making branch, APPOINTED.
House of Commons
Lower Chamber of law-making branch, ELECTED.
Government/Party in power
Largest group of elected members from the same political party
Leader of the Official Opposition
Leader of party with 2nd highest number of seats in the House of Commons
Opposition Members
All elected Members of Parliament not part of the governing party
Federal Court of Canada
Court dealing with certain matters under federal jurisdiction and court of appeals for territorial tribunals + decisions of federal commissions, boards, tribunals.
Provincial Courts
General administration of civil and criminal law
Represents the Queen in provincial legislative assemblies.
Provincial Executive Branch
Premier, Cabinet
Provincial Legislative Branch
Legislative Assembly, NO UPPER HOUSE!
Provincial Judicial Branch
1. Supreme Court of Canada (highest)
2. Federal Courts
3. Provincial Supreme Courts
4. Provincial Courts