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What are typical fs buying motive

Image and appearance ,soil protection,satitation, safety,minimize management involment, trap moisture,comfort under foot

Why do companies buy uniforms

Light soil & wear conditions, uniform needs are high customised,aren't available for pickup up,very low employees return

Why do companies rent fs products

Large offering,control house keeping cost,convenient, promote a healthy environment

What does C.R.F stand for?

Customer request form

How many times can u prior service an acct with GM approval?


When should u first start discussing AR with a customer

At 30 days

Which one of the following is not typically a facility service customer buying motive?

Fire protection

How often must u complete a smith driving training refresher training?


Which of the following is not a main component of creating a Raving fan?

Custo.ers who say the are" very Satisfied "and "Definitely Recommend "cintas

If a customer's pays by check, what information is put on the check?

Rt# and day, customer#,invoice#

Who's is the group vice present?

Micheal Hicks

Who's is the territory Senior Vice President?

Bill Cronin

Who's is the HR director.

Jon Meyers

Who is the president and COO?

Phillip Holloman

Who is the CEO?

Scott Farmer

Who is the sales manager?

Jacob Javis

Who is the REgional sales VP?

Anthony Bandura

Who is the senior vice president of sales?

Jim Rozakis

Who is the plant manager

Greg samora

Who is the stock room supervisor?

Amanda Lopez

Who is the second shift supervisor?

Julius ventura

Who is on the service support team?

Service managers,service supervisor,customer service,check in

What is the Principal Objective?

We will exceed our customers Expectations by maximizing the long-term value of Cintas for its shareholders and working partners

What are the elements of our corporate character?

Professional, thorough, high principles and moral values, high standards & performance, spartan approach, enthusiastic, competitive urgency, positive discontent

What are typical uniforms customer buying motive?

Security,safety,image,sanitation,easy to do business with, soil protection

Explain how the review process works at cintas?

Partners receive a review every 6 months for 2 years with the same supervisor or manager after two years and they are annual

What is Cintas open communication process?

Partners are encouraged to discuss any issues with their supervisor if not resolved seek out the supervisors manager and then HR the location Safety Committee and then the GM if not resolved call Cintas hotline

Why do companies rent uniforms?

Rental company can remove soilbetter, add or stop with little or no cost, replacement for normal wear and tear, size change at little or no cost, cost effective at high turnover situation, government required

Why is out Market replication so important

Word of Mouth customer tells 11 people when they have a problem or a bad experience 11 - 3 phenomena

How can you increase your chance of customer staying with Cintas

The more product Services they have the less likely they are to leave

What are the 4 service quality absolutes

Customer wants their uniforms and products,

they want them clean,

they want them functionable and in the correct number,

the want to like depends on their service provider

What are the components of the SSR pay plan

Base pay,commission,renewal bonuses catalog bonuses, sales leads ,contest winning ,premium OT pay

Why is the soil separation a SSR does important to our customers?

It's a key ingredient to properly clean the Garment example FRC garments need to be washed by themselves with FRC formula

Why is having an organized truck important

Safety, eliminates cross-contamination, SSR is more efficient, eliminates possible delivery errors

Why is Route sequence important? How do you make changes to your route sequence

Keeping your stops in order becomes more efficient..... PRC,route sequence form

Why is having a neat delivery area important

It's the customer's property and at the SSR is responsible

What things should the SSR do to keep the delivery area neat and organized

Remove the hangers and returned to recycle,organize the garments,

Ensure repair tags

lockers labels and garments are separated with donuts

What information is found on the ID tape

Rt & day customer number

Employ #

Employ name

Month year , location

Explain how the individual garment check sheet or true Count Cintas service summary reports works

Shows the count of soiled garments and process delivered garments each week

Describe to me what a bulk load sheet is

A sheet where non garments print-only bulk items to be loaded on truck

If you credit a bulk iteam in charge at a customer where will that information show up

Sell sheet and net Billings percentage

Why do we charge LR's

We own the product that we rent customer rent it for much less than what he would purchase it we no longer rent the product we have to replace it

Tell me all the products that you have access to provide a customer for the restroom

Toilet paper

Center pull

air fresheners

seat covers

hand soap

If a customer has money in 30 days what steps should you take

Review past due at the time of the delivery as the month progress notify the customer if it rolls over to 60 days we will suspend service

What do you do if you get a no check no service CRF

Notify customer if he has sent payment we can't service them pick up all Cintas product arrange to return to pick up payment.

How would you take credit with the customer using seconds that count for repairs

Counting the number of repairs caught by the plant sharing the info insuring we are watching the garments

What type of accounts will the plant not look to proactively upgrade

R code accounts rough wear

What are the four most common grades of garments





Explain the difference between an A garment and an S Grade.

A- garment new

S- garment with slight stain used

If you have questions about why a garment was an S grade who should you talk to

Stockroom and plant manager

What is the Golden Rule of upgrading a garment

SSR won't wear the Garment in the customer's work environment garment should be upgrade

What are the main areas of the production flow

Soil room/washroom

shake out/hanging area


short wrap out



Competitive urgency

We will attend to every detail thoroughly professionally, and enthusiastically as if not attending to the one detail could result in a lost or hurt customer or working partner..

Why is it important to keep your emblem trim codes updated?

Having too many can increase the chances of a mistake and delay customer's uniform.

Explain to me what is meant by even billing

Customer price was determined based on them getting Bill 52 weeks of the year

What is an invoice minimum

An amount on which customer agreed to pay if the invoice goes below the agreed amount

What is important to do when changing a bulk product from weekly to monthly.

Change the price using the appropriate multiplier

What products should not be rented on any frequency other than weekly?

Garments, linen, shoptowels

Describe the flow of a Garment request to filing the order.

-Requested on a G.R.F

-attempt to pull locally from stock the next day or order frm DC

-emblems are pulled or order

-emblems are applied locally or at the DC

-garment is place with the route prior to the next delivery date for delivery to the customer

What steps should you take each evening to prepare for the next day?

Check all stock room garments are with your rout

check late rail

blend late pieces and stock room pieces audit the route

notify production or management to resolve any problems

review the invoice putting in to stop sequence

When sizing wearer what information do you need to order various products

Shirt size

sleeve length

jacket size

coveralls size

waist size


What are the fundamental areas to increase business on your route

Sales leads

Adds vs. Stop

price increases

catalog sales

What are the main actions of the customers coaching portion of the onboarding process

SSR counts the garments for the first 4 weeks then reviews The Turning history so the customer build trust with Cintas program

What is PRD and what does it stand for

Program, requirements, documents

it covers the specific program for national accounts

Briefly describe the NPS net promoter system classifications

Customers are either promoters, passives or detractors of Cintas service. The net promoter score is a mathematical number derived from subtracting the detractors from the promoters; passives being natural.

Tell me the four main components of creating raving fans and why they are important?

Customers who love doing business with Cintas

Customes who stay with Cintas

Customes who grow their business with Cintas

Customes who recommend Cintas

Who is responsible 4 everything that happens on their route


What is the most common injury on the route what ways have you learned to avoid this happening to you



use safe lift


What is the next most common cause of injury what ways have you learned to avoid this

Slips trips and falls used non-slip shoes used three points of contact

What is a dvir who has to fill it out how often what do you do with it

Daily vehicle inspection report

SSR daily pink copy turning white space

What should you do if a customer tells you they want to quit and to pick up your products

Don't remove items use ECIR to determine the problem if it doesn't work tell them you will review the agreement went back to the location and will call him in twenty-four hours

How soon should you renew a customer

Anytime especially if we make additional investment in their account

If you renew a customer and you lower their prices and only get the renewal for 36 months what must you do when you turn in the renewal

Fill out an exemption form and length of the agreement

What is the credit hold procedure on existing accounts

After 30 days past due a credit hold warning is generated and CC service manager if no payment is received by a SSR or made a payment arrangement with the AR then account is placed on hold and CC service manager and checking

Go through the process for check in with customer service

Look at what's due today/tomorrow/past due list, look for any new CRF, turn in completed, have them signed, check Inn with service manager and check inn

If you are servicing a customer and they are closed when you arrive what should you do

Call the customer if no answer continue your route and call back later if they are still not there leave a message and schedule the delivery as soon as you can

Should you mark out garment before check-in or after check in

Before check-in garment should be marked out before leaving customer

What is Cintas guarantee on items u sell as direct sale?

Satisfaction guarantee, or they can return for a refund

Explain the make up charge?

Make up charge is a one time charge when adding a new employee ,or if current employee makes changes to there uniform. It offsets the cost of processing the order and preparing the garment.

What is under promise over delivery theory?

It's important to not make unreasonable promises to a customer. When promising make sure it meets their expectations and handling it with thorougness,competitive urgency, and professional

Describe what it means to "make second that count".

Take every apportunity to share with your customer every little thing to ensure you are watching every detail of his business.

Why is it important FRC garments are properly soil separate.

Proper soil separate is a key ingredient to getting the customer garments clean. However with FRC garments a safety issue can arise if it mixes with cotton garment the flammable lint from the cotton government can attach itself to the FRC causing safety issues