Cintas Case Study

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Cintas is the leader in the uniform industry, offering services that are highly specialized to businesses within North America. These highly specialized services provided to customer range from uniforms to fire protection. Cintas Corporation was formerly known as Acme Wiper and industrial laundry. It was developed in 1929 by Richard “Doc” Farmer. Farmer initially started the small business to help clean rags for local chemical companies. Over the years Cintas is providing uniform services to five million people. After the death of his father, Herschell Farmer became the president of the company in 1952. After continuous growth and success for approximately twenty three years Herschell Farmer turned the business towards his son Richard “Dick” …show more content…
The company hired an advertising agency to help develop a new name for Acme Wiper and Industrial Laundry. Richard Farmer did not like any of the ones suggested. On the same day Richard, Chairman Bob Kohllhep and marketing partner Nick Curtis met to discuss the names they liked. On a cocktail napkin, Curtis doodled C-I-N-T-A-S. The name became a hit, changing Acme Wiper and Industrial Laundry to Cintas. In 1968, Richard Farmer developed smaller uniform plants in every major American city. During 1983, Cintas made its first public offer of a stock. In 1995, Cintas expanded its uniform services to across border to Canada. The following years, Cintas started providing its first mat services and first aid and safety services were introduced. In 1998, this corporation became the largest seller, manufacturer, and designer of uniforms to the hospitality, food, airline and other industries. Also, Cintas was declared as the largest uniform rental company. In the year of 2000, Fortune Magazine declared that Cintas was listed as “America’s Most Admired Companies.” In 2002 and 2003, Cintas Corporation introduced restroom services and document management services along with fire protection services. Within 2007, Cintas was well positioned to provide services for most businesses in North America. Cintas they had approximately 400 locations, 34,000 employees, and approximately 800,000 customers. In 2008, Cintas opened markets to Europe, Hong Kong, Macau, and the Netherlands. Today, Cintas operates more than 430 facilities, including six manufacturing plants and nine distribution centers across North

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