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Who is the group Vice President?

Bill Langtim

Who is the territory senior Vice President?

Kevin Bien

Who is the HR director?

Emily Senica

Who is the president and COO?

Phillip Holloman

Who is the CEO?

Scott Farmer

Who is the sales manager?

Kristy Chaparro

Who is the regional sales VP?

Chris Duffy

Who is the senior Vice President of sales?

Jim Rozakis

Who is the plant manager?

Gabe Ontiveros

Who is the 1st shift supervisor?

Ulysses Scott

Who is the 2nd shift supervisor?

Dwayne Evans

Who is the 3rd shift supervisor?

Jaime Rios

Who is on the service support team?


What is the Principal objective?

We will exceed our customers expectations by maximizing the long term value of Cintas for its shareholders and working partners.

What are the elements of our corporate character?



High principles and moral values

High standards of performance

Spartan approach


Competitive urgency

Positive discontent


Explain how the review process works at Cintas?

Partner receives a review every 6 months for the first 2 years they report to the same supervisor/manager. After 2 years the reviews are annual.

What does the phrase “competitive urgency” mean?

Attending to every detail of our business with a sense of urgency, enthusiasm, professionalism and thoroughness in a way that if not doing so it will result in the loss of a partner or customer.

What is the Cintas open communication process?

If you have any issues you can talk to your supervisor. If it’s still not resolved you can talk to your supervisors manager, then HR manager, the safety and improvement committee and then the GM. If the issue is still not resolved you should use the Cintas direct line.

What are the typical FS buying motives?

Image and appearance

Soil Protection




Minimize management involvement

Trap moisture

Comfort under foot


Why do companies rent FS products?

Large offerings

Control housekeeping costs


Reduce depreciation

Promote a healthy environment

Cleanliness issues

Hygiene product offering line


Why is our market reputation so important?

Word of mouth. Customer will tell 11 people when they get bad service.

How can you increase your chances of customers staying with Cintas?

The more products and services they have, the less likely they are to leave.

What are the 4 service quality absolutes?

Customer want their products

They want them clean

They want them functional and in the correct amount

They want to like and depend on their service provider

What are the components of the SSR pay plan?

Base pay

Route commission

Lost business bonus

Catalog bonus

Sales leads

Contest winnings

Premium/overtime pay

Quarterly growth bonus


Why is the soil separation an SSR does important to our customers?

Our products are made from different materials. Terry towels are made of cotton and aprons are made of polyester. Washing them together could damage one another. There are also safety issues for example FRC products must be washed with FRC formula.

Why is having an organized truck important?

Helps to eliminate errors and forgetting products. Putting clean linen on dirty and unorganized truck can cross contaminate the products with soil. A clean cab represents a organized and efficient SSR.