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How do you report a near miss

1)Put the completed near miss in on of the communication stations.

2)present during debrief

3)give to any sup/manager

What is a near miss

An event where no property was damaged or no partner was injured, but had the potential to with a slight change of time of position.

What does CSOP stand for and what does it mean?

Cintas safety observation program.

What is our cintas safety vision?

1)every cintas location is injury free

2)every partner is engaged in continually improving safety

3)cintas is widely recognized as one of the world leaders in safety and health

What are some of the services provided by our tile and carpet division

1)Commercial carpet cleaning

2)tile and grout cleaning

3)stone floor and cement cleaning


What are some of the products and services provided by our fire division

1)emergency and exit light inspections

2)fire extinguisher inspection and training

3)fire alarm panals

4) fire alarm monitoring

5)fire sprinkler testing

6)Kitchen suppression

7)alarm monitoring