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What interactions are required for WBC progenitors from BM for T-cell commitment


T/F The most immature thymocytes are DP


T/F The 2nd stage of thymocyte development is DN, then go onto become SP


What 3 markers define the (DN1-4) and what do they do?

CD44, CD25, c-kit

Rearrange TCR B, D, and G

T/F alpha rearrangement occurs first in TCR develpment?

F; Beta

B selection occurs with invariant TCRa + Cd3

What processes is responsible for self tolerance

Positive Selection

What process is responsible for Self-MHC restriction

Negative selection

T/F Low/Intermediate-affinity signals lead to apoptosis

F; positive selection and onto SP status

95% of Thymocytes do not interact with _____ expressed by thymic epithelium and die by neglect

MHC/Self peptide

What determines whether or not a DP becomes CD4 vs CD8

signal continuity:

Continuous interaction with MHC2 --> CD4

Interrupted MHC1 --> CD8 (CD8 is down-regualted so Interrupted)

What TF is expressed in medulla but not cortext and what is it for?

AIRE; lets Thymic tissue express tissue-specific Ag for T cell selection/Removal

Death by neglect occurs because:

No sufficient TCR signaling

Extrinsic pathway

Activated death receptors

Intrinsic pathway

Mitochondrial Cyt C release

T/F BH3 family have only Pro-Apop factors

T; Bim/Bad/Puma

T/F Bcl-2 has both Anti and Pro Apop factors


Pro is BAX/BAK

Anti are the Bcls

Beta selection initiates progression to ____ (5)

DN4 stage


Allelic exclusion

Progression to DP stage

And TCR alpha rearrangment

Neg selection occurs in the _____

medulla of thymus

Why do most thymocytes die in the thymus?

1) Do not make viable TCR

2) Do not bind self-MHC

Cytochrome C is in intrinsic or extrinsic pathway?


T/F Bcl2 inhibits apop by inhibiting Bax

F; inhibits Cyt C release

Do g/d TCR require MHC? If not what are consequnces

no; able to bind non peptides

similar to innate IS recognition

What kind of CD4/8 cells are in Thymus of normal mice? RAG1/2 KO?

Same for LN?

  1. DN, CD4+, CD8+, DP
  2. DN
  3. DN CD4+, CD8+
  4. DN

What kind of Thymocytes are in mice that don't have MHC 2

Everything but CD4 SP;

DN, DP, CD8+

What kind of Thymocytes are in mice that don't have AIRE

All stages but there would be self-reactive cells

What kind of Thymocytes are in mice that don't have TCR alpha

DN and DP only; cant positively select for A/B

Will have some gamma delta

What kind of thymocytes wouldn't stain for CD3 and TCRB


What kind of thymocytes wouldn't stain for TCRb but do for CD3?

G/D T cells

T/F When MHC and TCR match lysis occurs, and doesn't occur when they differ

T; ignore other MHCs

T/F Only TC with mature TCR express CD3

F; Pre-TCR also do