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What is Signal 1 of APC - Tc


What is Signal 2 of APC - Tc

Costim: Cd80/86 - CD28 or ICOS

What is Signal 3 of APC-Tc

Cytokines (IL-2 for Activation, which increase rate and duration of Cell cycle)

What happens if there is no Signal 2?

T cell anergy

T/F MHC 1 is ubiquitous throughout most cells


Where is most MHC2 found

prof. APC like DC

B-cells too

What happens when CD4 T cells see Ag from APC?

Secrete cytokines that +/- regulate:

B cells


Other T cells

What are the 5 populations of effector T cells and where do they come from?






Come from CD4!!

What T cells enhance CMI and Inflammatory processes?

Th1 and Th17

What T cells enhance humoral immunity

Th2 and Tfh

What T cells inhibit T cell responses


T/F Generation of memroy B cells only requires T cell help

F; B memory , CD4 memory and CD8 memory

What are the 2 types of memory t cells

Tcm - Central Memory

Tem - Effector memory

3 Facts about Tcm

  • Long lived
  • reside in 2ndary LT
  • can differentiate into many types of effector cells

2 Facts about Tem

  • Populate sites of infection
  • Immediately reexpress original effector function after reexposure

Will naive T cell interaction with DC in presence of CTLA-4 Ig lead to anergy?

Yes; signal 2 blocked

Will naive T cell stimulated with Ab that bind both the TCR and CD28 lead to anergy?

NO; both Signal 1 and 2 are generated

Will naive t cell stimulated wtih Ab that bind only the TCR lead to anergy?

Yes; Signal 1 but no signal 2

Will naive t cell stimulated with Ab that only binds CD28 lead to anergy?

No. but no activation either; neither signal 1 or 2

T/F DCs can activate T cells in the skin

F; LN! Memory T cells may be activated though

T/F TCR activity leads to Ca holding

F; Calcium release

What polarizing cytokine is needed for Th1 lineage


T/F Following activation both Tcm and Tem are generated


Master transcriptional regulator for Th2

GATA3; if missing will have trouble clearing worms. Th2 cells help B cells produce IgE

T/F IgE is important for anti-parasite


What cytokines/ Ab would you want to activate Th1

Signal 1: Anti-TCR

Signal 2: Anti-CD28

Signal 3: IL-12

Anti-CTLA4 and Anti-CD80 would block costim

T/F ICOS is a positive co-stim molecule


What 3 cells express Co-stim ligands


Thymic cells

Epithelial cells

What can bind CD80/86 on DCs



T/F Naive T cells express Cytokines


What transcriptional Regulator is involved with Tfh


Where do Tcms reside?

2ndary Lymphoid Tissue

What R attracts cells to 2ndary LT and effecter cells to rome periphery


TGF-B stimulates what Transcriptional regulators?



What do IL-6 + TGFB make via RORgt? What does it inhibit

Th17; FoxP3

Endogenous Ag come from

Viruses (MHC1)

Exongenous Ag come from

Bacteria, Parasites etc (MHC2)

LFA-1 on CD4 T cells binds what on APC


CD2 on CD4 T cell binds what on APC


Which has a higher affinity for CD80/86?

CTLA-4 or CD28

CTLA4 (neg stimulation)

Where is PD-1 found


In what ways does a Th1 activation block Th2 activation

Stat4 leads to T-bet which inhibits GATA3

Increased IFN-G and lowered IL-4 and IL-5

In what ways does a Th2 activation block Th1 activation

Stat 6 leads to GATA3 which inhibits Tbet

Increased IL-4 and IL-5, lowered IFN-G

When is CD44 activated on T cells

After Activation

Why are CD62L and CCR7 downregulated in T cells post activation

So they can circulate

3 Hallmarks of T-cell memory

Less sensitivity of co-stimulation


More specific

What are super Ag

Ag made by pathogens that GREATLY increase T cell activation for non specific peptide