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The wealthy aristicrat.
Period when the Romens acted as a republic
An average Roman, such as land owners, merchants, shopkeepers, small farmers, and laborers.
The head of the government
Someone with absolute power
A government official who represented the rights of plebeians
When you pay if you loose a battle
three person ruling group
A subgroup with distinct beliefs within a larger religious group
In judaism, a savior promised by the hebrew prophet, who would bring peace
An active follower of a teacher
A person who suffers and dies for a belief
A regional leader of the early christian church with authority clergy.
Early christian church one of five powerful bishops in major cities
bishop of Rome, later the head of Roman Catholic Church
a situation in which prices rise quickly while the value of money decreases
A pipe that brought water to the city of Rome.
Who were Romulus and Remus?
They were twins fighting for the throne. Romulus killed Remus. They were raised by wolves
Why is the Italian peninsula considered to be a strategic location?
The alps are blocking a lot of foreigners, there jutting out towards the Mediterranean Sea, and they have rich soil.
Who were the Consuls?
The Consuls were the highest position in the republic government you could get
Describe Romans government. How did the roman government change during times of wars? How did the Plebeians get representation in the Roman government?
TheRomans republic at top legislative branch, then senate, then house of tribune. House of tribune was made for plebeians because they successfully boycotted rome.
What are the 12 tables?
12 written laws
How did the Greeks influence the Romans in the area of religion, science, and literature?
the romans copy the greeks
What was Ancient Roman life like? What were the roman baths? How did Rome get water into the city?
Patricians went to school, and some plebeians did as well not many though.one would normally do what there parents did as a career.The roman baths were like a gym you socialized mostly. They used aqueducts to get water into the city.
What language did the romens speak?
How did the romans treat conquered people?
If the conquered people didn't try to do anything they treated them very well.
What did the Roman do to link conquered territories to the capitol? What was the Apian way
they made roads. the apian way was through the alps
What was entrainment like? How did people become gladiators? what was their life like?
They liked to watch gladiators fight, and they enjoyed plays. If you were a strong slave usually you became a gladiator. They were treated like football players but they knew one day they would die in the rink
Was crime a significant problem? Why might a wealthy roman wear a dirty toga?
Yes the streets were poorly lit, and there were certain sections of the city more dangerous than other. So that they would not be mugged because Rome was a dangerous place.
What were common foods?
Grains, olives, shellfish, vegetables, fruits, bread, pastries, wine, beer
What would an Ancient Roman doctor prescribe for a person that wanted to increase there mental power and ability to think? What rations did doctors prescribe for Roman soldiers?
A walnut because it is the shape of a little brain. Garlic (a common cure) and mustard (for bad digestion)
What were the punic wars and what was the outcome of each?Who were some important generals?
The three punic wars were the three wars that carthrige and rome fought each other. Rome won all battles. Scipio and Hannible were the important people. Scipio was on Carthage's side and Hannibal was on rome's side
The roman army who was part of it? What is a legion?What was there training like?
Any Roman man above 20 had to be in the Roman army. A legion is a big group in the roman army that has 3,000 to 6,000 people in it. They trained a lot.
Describe the reason for the revolt of Spartacus? how did the revolt play out and who won?
Spartacus was tired of doing everything for the owners, and he thought since there were twice as many slaves as there were Romans they could easily revolt and win. The slaves didn't break free but the Romans became more cautious
who was Julius Caesar? Why was he assassinated?
Julius Caesar was the emperor of Rome he was assassinated because the senate thought he was destroying the republic.
What does the phrase "crossing the rubicon" literally and figuratively mean? What change did the assassination of julius Caesar signal?
The corssing of the rubicon is when Julius got the whole entire Roman army to go into rome and try and take over. After he crossed the rubicon he could go back.After the assassination people got mad and infuriated. Assassination of Caesar signaled the end of the Republic. Thereafter, Octavian became the ruler of the new Roman Empire (after his three family members divided up the land amongst themselves).
List some concepts and ideas that were important to the Roman Republic?
people had fewer children, citizens built impressive architecture, education, science, language, and literature, were all valued.
What is the first 550 years of Roman history known as?What is the second 500 years of Roman History referred to as?
Republic, and Pax Romana