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Know how and why history and geography are important when it comes to interpreting a culture's behavior and attitudes.

it helps define a nations mission

Know what history is used for when it comes to a nation. How it helps to define a nation's mission.

to learn the influences business decisions such as foreign direct investments market entry and even personnel choices.

know the background of the First Opium War and what the result was.

Opium was easy to ship high value to volume ratio and weight ratios and it was addicting. First came from British India. 2 opium wars. Hurt tea trade. Lead to treaty of Nanjing

Know what the text "says" about the isolation/openness of Japan when Commodore Perry sailed there in 1853.

There was a threat of domination power.

Be able to summarize the feeling of most Mexicans toward the US.

Most feel like everything was taken from them. They called the war the American Invasion.

Know what happened during and the outcome of the Mexican War. 1846-1848.

America wanted half of Mexico. Didn't get it.

Be able to explain "Manifest Destiny" and the "Monroe Doctrine"

Manifest Destiny states Americans were chosen people ordained by God to create a model society.

Monroe Doctrine proclaimed 3 basic dicta

- no further European colonization in New World

- Absentation of the US from European political affairs

- Non intervention by European governments in the government of the western hemisphere

Be able to define and explain the term "sustainable development"

a joint approach among those governments, businesses, environmentalist, and others who seek economic growth with wise resources management, equitable distribution of benefits and reduction of negative effects on people and the environment from the process of economic growth.

Be able to explain the findings shown in Exhibit 3.4.

World energy consumption.

be able to explain why we tend to see migration from rural to urban areas.


Know the three converging issues in China that are using a serious gender imbalance in China.

China has a strict one child policy to curb population growth

- traditional values dictate male superiority and a definite parental preference for boys

- prenatal scanning allows women to discover the sex of their fetuses and thereby abort unwanted female fetuses.