Symbolic Consumption In Fashion

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2.3.1 Symbolic consumption in Fashion
Barnard and Spencer (1996) insisted that the meaning of fashion can be created and demolished simultaneously by people, it depends on what individuals want to express by fashion and how others receive the messages. Fashion is not only a tool for self-decoration which reveals and distinguish consumers’ tastes and values, but can also be social identification and recognition if people are part of their social groups (Kefgen, and Touchie-Specht, 1986; Gronow, 1997). From Gronow (1997), fashion plays a crucial role that secure people to present themselves and fulfils the needs of social adaptation and imitation. Therefore, different standpoints of people affect each other mutually as Liss, Hoffner and Crawford
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It was forecasted that the total value in 2019 will reach $7.4 billion and since 2014, the percentage of growth will be 68.2%. The research has found out that womenswear accounts for the majority of sales in the market which contained 54.9% of the industry’s total value. The most popular fashion brands in Hong Kong are international brand includes Abercrombie & Fitch, American Eagle, Forever 21, Gap, H&M, Marks & Spencer, Topshop, Uniqlo and Zara. According to HKTDC (2016), customers in Hong Kong usually shop at the conventional brick and mortar, but online shoppers have also risen by 14% to $413 million in 2015. Taobao in China and ASOS Marketplace in the UK is some of the favourable platforms of Hong Kong customers to shop. Besides, group shopping, mobile retailing is also prevalent in Hong Kong. The customers in Hong Kong prefer buying private label on their daily clothing, they are not only want the product is comfort or value for money, but also started to become more aware of the social issues when make purchase, such as sustainable fashion, eco-friendly and ethical problems.

2.4. 1 Feminism in Hong Kong fashion market (SWOT analysis)
To understand the effect of feminism in Hong Kong market, SWOT analysis is a way to measure its strengths, weakness which related to opportunities and threats (McDonald and Wilson,
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Also, more young people in feminist group utilize the online social platforms such as blogs, Twitter, Facebook to spread their feminist view in political, social and economy (Maclaran, 2015). Feminism in Hong Kong market is in an introduction stage.

Some media and marketers in Hong Kong always instil the problem of negative gender stereotype (To, Kan, and Ngai, 2015). According to Arsel, Eräranta and Moisander, (2015), the gender stereotype will affect an individuals’ consumption pattern. The consumer experience can be influenced by cultural situation. In other words, consumer culture is generally gendered. Feminism in Hong Kong market may be affected under this phenomenon.

2.4.2 Symbolic consumption of Feminism towards Hong Kong’s young

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