Fashion Trends In The 1960's

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Register to read the introduction… In the past fashion was dictated by the fashion houses, by Hollywood, by the buyers and designers for the high street stores. But as the choices became ever more varied young people started to fashion themselves. Youth culture, peer pressure, the desire to belong, to a special, different or new group or trend brought new ideas. More often than not popular music was the driving force – from 1970’s Disco Fever, through to Punk Rock and onto Hip-Hop. Disco fever, Punk and also Goth brought with it, platforms, flares to dog collars and dark colours. The Hip-Hop industry brought oversized clothes and ‘bling’ jewellery. Young people expressed their differences (and similarities) through what they wore. The 70s punk created a whole new wardrobe which was not from the catwalk. Development of fashion was taken out of the hands of designers by young people rebelling and striving to show individuality through their clothes, continually adapting and creating new and looser or different …show more content…
In the 60’s, bold, exciting fashion was only aimed at the young. Now, the old want to dress like the young and we have become a much more extravagant and materialistic nation always trying to keep up with the latest trends. There are only so many things you can do with a miniskirt but fresh ways of mixing things together for the different age groups.

We also see an insatiable appetite to copy celebrity. From the pages of OK and Hello and the endless TV shows on fashion and makeovers we have learnt to desire the top labels and brands from the Gucci’s, Chanel’s, Prada’s and Chloe’s; so we get what we want. These brands produce cheaper versions and diffusion ranges for the general public and the forgers and fraudsters copy the best and give it to us in all its cheap reproduction glory. These days the difference between Haut Couture and ‘Chav’ seems to be more and more difficult to define.

But wait, is there still hope? Has the inspiration really run dry? It may be that the ideas are similar, but at least they are presented differently; the way materials and colours are mixed together is often original. With digital printing on fabric and other new advanced techniques there are many more options and choices. Fashion is more fickle and top designers will therefore go to the extreme to create new unique clothing to stand out from the

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